XLS3 Screw Press Separator

The XLS3’s Unique Feature Set

We have developed a new innovative dewatering screw press system that is in its own class. The XLS3 includes the MS10 base separator and the 24″ Hydratower.

XLS3 features:

  • Complete Stainless Steel framework
  • AR400 Tungsten Carbide hardened 10” auger
  • 4 piece wedge wire screen design
  • 10HP NORD motor and gearbox
  • Innovative coupler allowing straight line performance from motor to auger
  • Motor and gearbox prevents slurry contamination

Bearings on each end to stabilize auger and limit wear

  • Innovative screen design to allow optimal efficiency, dryness, wearability and replacement cost
  • Customizable inlet for each application
  • Zero tolerance screen to auger maximizes fluid evacuation
  • Includes integration for ease of setup
  • Lower replacement parts cost
  • Fast speed adjustment as well as forward/reverse
  • Unique screen design (extends life and easy replacement)
  • Advanced design drives replacement screen costs down compared to others available
  • 4 individual weights for preferred moisture content
  • Placement of motor and gearbox gives easy access and removal for rear bearing and seal with the help of a custom coupler (removal of the motor and gearbox to change bearing or seal is not needed)
  • Design prevents slurry in the gearbox
  • Includes 24″ Hydratower for added dewatering efficiency
  • Capability of 2,000 dairy cows per day

XLS3 Screw Press Separator


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